The Forgotten City Release date Trailer

The Forgotten City game development studio, which previously introduced the title, finally set the exact release date today. Also, in order to make the players more familiar, a new trailer of its gameplay has been made available.

Two studios, Dear Villagers and Modern Storyteller, which are in charge of developing and publishing The Forgotten City, respectively, have provided a lot of information about this title. It was announced today that the game will be available on July 28, 2021. For this occasion, a video of the first parts of the game has been released that fans should not miss in any way.

According to the production team, a lot of effort has been made to tell the story of The Forgotten City. The team hopes that the players will also welcome the narrative style and the story of this title in general. A member of the developer studio said about this work:

We are very happy that after 4 years of development, gamers can finally experience The Forgotten City. We put a lot of effort into making this game and we are sure that gamers will find out about it too. There is nothing left until the release of this game and we hope that gamers will enjoy the experience.

The Forgotten City will be open to the world and, as it turns out, there will be countless details and mysteries. Relatively many characters have been designed for this game, and with the arrival of new missions, this can be clearly seen. It is interesting to know that the creators have done something that puts players in a dilemma many times in this title; The dilemmas that will affect its outcome and destiny. Even at the beginning of the game, you can specify your gender and personalize your character. There will be many puzzles and riddles in the game that will be fun to solve. So if you are a fan of such titles, do not miss The Forgotten City in any way.

  • The Forgotten City is set to be available on the PC and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X and S series and Nintendo Switch PC platforms. Finally, you can watch the video of the gameplay of this title.


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