Soulcalibur VI: IVY VS All Character (All DLC Included)

Isabella “Ivy” Valentine (Japanese: イザベラ・バレンタイン – アイヴィー, Izabera Barentain – Aivī) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She appeared in the game Soulcalibur VI, which marks her debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.

Daughter of the English aristocratic family the Valentines, Ivy was raised in a loving environment. Unfortunately, it was not to last. Her father’s insanity and excessive spending drove him to an early grave, followed shortly afterwards by her mother. While mourning, Ivy discovered her father was an alchemist obsessed with finding Soul Edge, which he believed was the key to immortality. She understood why Soul Edge was referred to as the cursed sword, and vowed to destroy the blade that had driven her father to madness. In order to do so, however, she would first require a stronger weapon… She threw herself into alchemy in the hope of discovering one.

The fruit of Ivy’s research was a magic sword she called “Ivy Blade.” It was a unique weapon capable of shapeshifting according to her will, at times acting like a sword to slice her enemy to pieces, and at others like a whip to grab or lash them. However, none of this would mean anything without the cooperation of one particular individual…

Ivy went to meet Nightmare, and for a short while assisted him in his activities. To outsiders looking in, she was as a member of Nightmare’s Covenant Shield, and appeared to be a close advisor to the oppressive ruler. Once the Azure Knight was defeated, however, information on Ivy’s whereabouts became scarce. Some said she had been deceived by Nightmare. Others maintained that she had abandoned her position as subordinate to the Azure Knight in order to destroy Soul Edge. One rumor even said she had discovered her true identity…

Soul Chronicle
At the start of her journey, Ivy encountered Seong Mi-na and easily defeated her, warning her later that she was too weak.

After killing many innocent lives to feed Soul Edge, Ivy started to doubt Nightmare’s goal of resurrecting her father. As she tried to leave Ostrheinsburg, she was confronted by Astaroth, who bluntly told her that the Soul Edge she sought to destroy was in front of her all along. After Ivy won their fight, she was called a “spare vessel” by Astaroth before he departed to deal with other intruders. When Ivy decided to confront Nightmare about the truth, she was stopped by Taki, who showed the alchemist her connections to Soul Edge. After their fight, Ivy was forced to face the truth that she was the daughter of the previous wielder of Soul Edge, Cervantes, and that she was indeed a spare vessel for Soul Edge.

Ivy’s costume was designed with the word “dominatrix” in mind. Her Color 1 is a purple revealing outfit with indigo “cups” with matching purple boots and gold armor plates.

Her Color 2 recolors her outfit red with pale gold “cups”.

Her Color 3 gives her an all white outfit while her hair becomes red.

Her Color 4 gives her an all cyan outfit with blue boots while her hair becomes blonde.

Weapon & Style
Armed with a snake sword whose shape can be changed at will, users can deftly avoid close quarters combat with techniques that keep foes at bay. Equipped with powerful moves that can only be activated at a certain distance, this style is made to deal out major damage from far away.

Ivy Blade
A one-handed magic sword that can transform into a whip. It is loyal to its owner and will cut down all who stand in her way. Seeing the way it attacks its opponent, you would think it was… alive.

Ive created the sword through alchemy after vowing to defeat Soul Edge. However, its essence was borrowed from none other than the owner of the cursed sword himself—Nightmare. Ivy doesn’t know the truth, and even works with Nightmare, albeit unenthusiastically. The day will come, however, when his secret will be revealed. What then will she do…?

Crafted through Ivy’s alchemy, this magic sword is like no other. As one might expect from its unique properties, standard sword techniques do not work with this weapon, and even its creator Ivy struggled to master the use of this idiosyncratic sword. Wielding it in one hand, she uses a combination of Western European sword techniques and Eastern whip techniques. Her blade obeys her and transforms at her will, giving her great control over an otherwise difficult weapon.

Despite her link with the sword, Ivy has yet to realize that the connection between the cursed blood running through her veins and the Ivy Blade—perfected with the power of the cursed sword—grows stronger day by day…


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