The best settings for Call of Duty: Mobile


In this article, we will introduce the best settings for Call of Duty: Mobile game so that you can experience the game more easily than before.

Call of Duty: Mobile may not be the most popular title in the series, but it is without a doubt one of the top games for the mobile platform that many users are actively experiencing and taking seriously. If you are one of these people; We suggest you stay with us to get acquainted with the best possible settings for this game. Our suggested settings will make you play much easier and enjoy the gaming experience more.

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Controls Tab

Assault Rifles – ADS

Shotguns – HIP



Sniper Rifles – ADS

Pistols – ADS


Audio and Graphics Tab

Graphics Qaulity – LOW

Frame Rate – MAX

Depth of Field – OFF

Ragdoll – OFF

Bloom – OFF

Anti-Aliasing – OFF

Real-Time Shadows – OFF

BR Mode Graphic Style – Dynamic

Sound settings may not have much of an impact on your experience, but choosing the right graphics settings can give you a better experience by providing higher frame rates. So according to the above settings, it is better to first set the game graphics to the lowest possible state, then if your phone had high processing power, you can apply other settings.

Sensitivity Tab

Rotation Mode – Fixed Speed

Sensitivity Switch – Switch While Opening ADS

Sensitivity Presets – Custom

Standard Sensitivity – 90–95

ADS Sensitivity – 140–145

Tactical Scope Sensitivty – 150–160

Sniper Scope Sensitivity – 60-65

3x Tactical Scope – 100

4x Tactical Scope – 60

6x Tactical Scope – 40

8x Tactical Scope – 30

Determining the sensitivity of the camera, gun and more is up to you, but the settings that we will introduce to you in the following, can be a good model for users of this game.


Gyroscope Sensitivity

Standard Sensitivity – 140

ADS Sensitivity – 75

Tactical Scope Sensitivity – 55

Sniper Scope Sensitivity – 50-60

3x Tactical Scope – 60

4x Tactical Scope – 45

6x Tactical Scope – 25

8x Tactical Scope – 15

Call of Duty: Mobile is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

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