When will the winter update of Clash of Clans be released?


Clash of Clans is without a doubt one of the most popular mobile platform games, and in this article we want to take a look at the release date of its winter update.

There was a time when everyone of any age experienced the Clash of Clans game on their phone and tried to build powerful tribes. If you’ve been one of these people, or at least played this title for a short time, you know that Clash of Clans game will receive updates on various occasions that will change the overall theme of the game according to that celebration or occasion.

One of the most popular updates is the winter update of the game, which adds a Christmas and snow theme to the game. In this situation, the game takes on a special effect and certainly creates a good variety for its players. In addition to changing the game theme, in most of such updates, we see other changes, such as the addition of soldiers or new structures, for which detailed information in this regard has not yet been provided by Supercell. In the following, we will examine when the interesting winter update of Clash of Clans game may be released.

This year’s winter update of this game may not add anything new to the game, but the most important change you will feel with this update is the change of the overall theme of the game from dry and normal to snowy. Your tribe is going to be covered in snow and Christmas trees will appear in it. But on what date will this update be released?

According to Supercell’s habit of releasing updates on Monday, it seems that this important update will also be available to users on Monday. In 2020, the winter update of Clash of Clans was released on December 7 for various platforms, and this year, on December 6, 2021, we can expect this update. Of course, there is a possibility of later access to this update, but it is unlikely that a date beyond December 10 or 12 is considered.

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