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If you’ve seen Mr. Bean’s “Johnny English” movie series, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a comic book based on the James Bond series. Agent 007 with a knack for prestige who always carries out special missions for the British national interest (and sometimes in the service of humanity) and brings dangerous and greedy villains to their knees; Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson), however, presented a clumsy, plump figure of that mythical and charming character.

The latest version of “James Bond”, which is Daniel Craig’s last appearance in the role, has become more of a satirical version of the James Bond image and components of previous films in the series than “Johnny English”. «There is no time to dieIt is, in essence, an unwanted parody that has gone from being too weak in the plot, the weakness of the character and the vulgar and “anti-James Bond” stereotypes to a low and worthless ending for Daniel Craig James Bond. Let’s not forget that Daniel Craig himself, with his blond hair, childish lip and mouth composition, fuller body mass and more youthful demeanor than James Bond’s character model, was not a good choice for the role from the beginning and can not be the masculine image of classic goat heroes like Harrison Ford. Or evoke Clint Eastwood. (I compare it because the James Bond character is reminiscent of the classic male and charismatic protagonists.)

“No Time to Die” is James Bond’s longest film without an acceptable plot. Spending long hours giving information to the audience without the audience getting enough information! “Casino Royale”, although it had a weak ending and the extent to which its story was taken seriously by the characters in the film, was unbelievable, but at least it had a good storyline and focused enough on its storytellers and characters. Where is “Le Schaefer” in that movie and “Safin” in this movie! The difference between “Casino Royale” as the best James Bond film by Daniel Craig (which was also a mediocre film) and “No Time to Die” can be summed up in the difference between their villains:

Lou Schaefer, with those bloodshot eyes and Maddie Michelson, who was unfamiliar with his usual character as a middle-aged male employee, was so intriguing that he stood out strongly from the image written in the script and seemed far beyond a terrorist financier. But Safin behaves irrationally and seems naive compared to his mild prehistory. A selfish villain who wants to make up for his childhood entanglements by creating disaster all over the world; The most clichéd and mundane image of a dangerous villain. Choosing an actor is also a disaster. Rami pulls Malik away from “Mr. Robot” who, although his smart and mysterious eyes fall on a clever hacker, firstly he does not have the charisma for a dangerous villain on a global scale and secondly his whole face is more childish than these words and if we look good, a little innocence We also see the mimicry of his face. Now, as much as Mr. Grimoire wants to get rid of the child by putting a hole in the owner’s face! Bluefeld’s character is a bit subtle and reminds us of Hannibal Lecter with irrelevant and intricate dialogues. Christoph Waltz’s brief appearance in “No Time to Die” has raised the bar.

A wasted potential in the film is Paloma, played by Anna de Armas, whose few moments in Cuba, preparing a suit for the band and standing in the bar, are reminiscent of Eva Green at the Casino Royale. De Armas could have created a new girl band for us better than Lea Seido in this film, but he is suddenly released in the film and does not have much interaction with James Bond.

James Bond becomes a man of the family and is ready to kill himself for his wife and children at “No Time to Die”! Again, the hot “Casino Royale” that dripped onto the seductive syrup of Famthal, made Daniel Craig’s love for Eva Green for us, and made the melodrama at the end of the film a little more bearable. Here, the author has already predetermined that James Bond should die, and then he comes and shaves him, and he did not even notice that he at least made an attempt to free the band at the end of the film, which now may have escaped and an antidote was found for those imaginary nanobots. .

I said nano-robots and I said to myself, may God have mercy on the father of realism! What is the toxicity of this dangerous substance? Didn’t Mr. Fukunaga have an eye on apocalyptic movies? It is more like a matrix. Remember how believable and deadly that deadly virus in Mission Impossible 2 was? Well, now that the mission is impossible, let’s remember Ethan Hunt and his actions, which acted extremely attractive and unattainable without making him a superman; Sensitive gait on the narrow blade of reality. Here, either Raولl Silva’s “Skyfall” like the monsters of Guillermo Deltoro should make us laugh, or the imaginary nano-robots like the movies of James Cameron. The plot goes to Cuba somewhere and to the forest and green climate. Locations are chosen unnecessarily dramatically and are only supposed to diversify the scenes of the film.

Although many of the characters are unpaid and do not remember, there is a point in the film that it is not highly dependent on previous James Bond films, and alone we can understand an acceptable percentage of the story. The film starts well early and is attractive until the end of the Italian season. The opening sequence with a lot of suspense and the use of the killer satirical mask (we will find out later is Safin) creates a good expectation to follow the continuation of the film; The landing after the Italian season, however, extinguishes such a terrifying flame in the film that other writers and directors have not been able to recreate its heat. For all that, “No Time to Die” is a poor film that does not sit well with the beat of Hans Zimmer’s music.

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