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Arcane serial spoiler alert

Imagine you are a miserable person, of course you do not need to imagine this, imagine you are the most miserable person on earth, so unlucky that those around you have come to believe that it is better not to clap around you so that your misery does not catch them. Imagine being rejected from all sides and all the doors are closed to you, the people who stayed by your side and welcomed you are dead and the reason for their death was nothing but your misfortune. Imagine sitting around the knees next to corpses in the dark in the dark, waiting for an unknown phenomenon like a fetus in the womb; Waiting for life.

Imagine everything you touch becomes dust, what will you do in a situation where you have nothing but darkness, silence and small particles of ash? The answer to this question is not clear to me, maybe it would be better if he put his hands together and ended this cycle of destruction. Maybe we should stop and put our hands in the hands of the world with big breasts and a smile full of gratitude, the world that rejected us, the world that sounded bad to us, the world that is supposed to pay the penalty for our misery and be reduced to dust.

This is perhaps the most apt description of Powder in Arcane, the story of a gifted child who sought only the love and attention of his family, but whose misfortune turned him into a tumultuous and unpredictable monster, a monster of nothing but destruction and mischief. It will not work for others.

Arkane Collection by Wright Games Studio (Riot GamesIn collaboration with the French animation studio Fortiche, it is currently one of the most popular series made on the Netflix streaming service. will pay.

Without any introduction I must say that To watch this series, you do not need any previous knowledge or familiarity with the League of Legends game, Erkin series can well and successfully introduce newcomers to the characters and the story world in the very first two episodes. The creators of this series have not relied on the audience’s prior knowledge to understand the story and have formed the structure of the story completely independent of the game.

Instead of telling the story of the characters’ current lives, Arcane’s collection first goes to their origins and establishes the story from the beginning and from the first brick. Of course, the term “original story” can not well describe the story of the characters and the detailed and calculated narrative of the series in the first chapter.

Thanks to the superhero works of the original story, it has become a part of the story that no one is bored to see, and the creators try to go through it as quickly as possible to get to the exciting parts of the work, which is unfortunate, because the original story of each character is the main The parts of the arc are his story, the part in which he transforms and grows more than ever.

Another reason why the starting point of the story is clever is to acquaint new audiences with the characters and to dispel speculation about their stereotypes. For example, as someone I had never played in League of Legends and had no knowledge of the game’s characters. , Because Harley Quinn has never been such an attractive character to me.

But after watching the series, I came to the conclusion that Jenks not only has an independent and different personality from Harley Quinn, but is also two heads above him. This shows the care and patience that has gone into building the arc of not only this character but all the characters in the story.

Actually There is no element in the characters that does not have a narrative reason behind it and is placed in them only because of its superficial and superficial charm.. Going back to Powder (Jenks), for example, the reason for Jenks’ unusual and childish behavior despite reaching puberty is his inability to leave his past behind and admit the mistake he made as a child. This has left him with the same children he once wanted to be accepted and cared for by others, even now that he no longer needs them. Even the design of the weapon that Jeans uses in the last episode is based on the appearance of Silco’s favorite sea monster.

Another thing to note about the characters in the story is that they are gray. There is no good character in Arcane who does not have a dark face, or there is no bad character who does not have a drop of humanity and love behind the evils of his existence, all the characters make big and small mistakes throughout the story.

Of course, I must also point out that the grayness of the characters in the story is not in itself a reason for their strength and depth, the main factor in the complexity of the characters is the specific and precise reasons and motives behind each of their actions, which in The stories are very delicately shaped. In addition to increasing the depth of the characters, it also adds a layer of reality to them that makes them and the world in which they live better believable.

Another thing that caught my attention about this collection was that The world and plot of the story are always at the service of the characters, In such a way that if we consider Arcane’s plot and world as a playground or stadium, the characters of the story are the players who are going to play together or against each other on this field, the audience also came to the stadium to watch the game and the players. Is not for watching the stadium. The focus of the series on the characters has made the events of the story more personal and have a much stronger impact on the audience.

One of the things that is always mentioned about this series is the element of duality that exists in the corners and all the components of the work, for example, the duality between the characters, such as Silko’s independence against Vander’s pacifism, or the duality between Silco’s unconditional love for Jenks’s Wendy’s fatherly love for wow, this The duality and contradiction between the characters and in the structure of the collection has created a poetic narrative and story, and at the same time full of conflict and tension.

This duality can be seen even in the art style of the work, such as the bright colors and clean and tidy buildings of the pilot, which show the prosperous life of its people, against the dirty and dark atmosphere of Andersite (Zan), which is shown in purple and green. This brings us to the next case; Arcane’s stunning art style and animation.

The amount of precision and elegance used in animating the 3D models of this series is beyond any other animation or anime you have ever seen (of course, only on TV, because in the cinema, nothing will stand up to Pixar!). The characters’ incredible animation and body language, along with the stunningly painted backgrounds of the work, have been able to create a work whose every shot looks more like a painting than a TV series.

The appearance of this series can be talked about for hours, however, what makes this series very visually special is not the beauty of the background or the design of the characters, but the dazzling details and the unparalleled visual narration and storytelling. This collection is perhaps one of the best examples available for examining the visual narrative of a story.

The incredible spirit and humanity in the characters’s body language, the camera’s realistic movements in an unreal space, the editing and music of the work’s lyrical text all come together to provide a unique experience for the audience. The stunning details of this collection can make the audience leave their child in the heart of the story world, between the streets of Piltover and Zan, and believe in the reality of a handful of 3D models.


Another thing to note is the release strategy of this series. Arcane series, unlike most Netflix series, instead of releasing all the episodes at the same time, has released them in three stages. In fact, this series has three acts, each of which includes three Episodes, which are released almost a week apart.

This release strategy was, I think, one of the smartest choices for the creators of the series and Netflix, as it would allow the audience to receive a significant number of episodes each week, and the creators could be sure that the series would be in the audience’s attention for longer. It will not end soon.


Also, the way of telling the story is such that instead of having an introduction, a middle and an ending during the season, we see the repetition of this pattern in each act of the story, so that each act of the story can be considered a complete film. In this way, during the season, the story reaches its climax three times, which makes the audience more and more thirsty to see the continuation of the work.

weak points

Perhaps the only drawback I can get from this series is its fast rhythm, but given the way the story is told, the reason for this can be fully understood. The script of this series never wastes time and is constantly advancing the story, Also, there is no dialogue or incident in the story, which makes the narrative style more like a feature film than a serial series. However, it would not be bad if the series spends more time with the characters before removing them from the story.


The last word

The Aecane series proved that nothing can be impossible if you pay enough attention, elegance and effort, even making a good video game adaptation. Arcane is so well-built that instead of guaranteeing his success with the popularity of the League of Legends game, he credits the game itself and its source of adaptation.

This series was one of the few TV shows of the last few years that I was so excited to see every episode of it that I started watching it again immediately after the series ended and watched the final scene, and I’m still thinking about writing this article. I’m not coming and I’m looking forward to his next season (which I hope will be good this season!) Arcane is a work that it is not enough to see it once, even twice.

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