Box Office Week: The Disappointing Beginning of the West Side Story


the movie West Side Story; The latest made Steven Spielberg; The Academy Award-winning director was released this week and topped the box office this week despite a lower-than-expected performance.

The film, the director’s first in the musical genre, grossed $ 800,000 on its release day, ending its first day with a sluggish $ 4.1 million, in addition to $ 3.3 million in sales on Friday.

Although the film received rave reviews, it failed to perform well on Saturdays and Sundays, grossing $ 3.8 million and $ 2.6 million, respectively.

Thus the film with sales $ 10.5 million, Passed its first weekend. A sale that was much less than the expected $ 20 million. It should be noted that the West Side story film was made with a heavy budget of 100 million dollars.

For this reason, and despite the fact that this film is one of the films of the awards season, the producers expected that this film would experience a much better performance at the box office.

West Side Story

In second place in the table was the leader last week. Animation Encanto Which experienced a drop of only 28% and became the second best-selling film of the week with sales of $ 9.4 million.

Thus, the total sales of Charm animation in the United States exceeded $ 71 million, making it the best-selling animation of 2021 at the US box office. However, it should be noted that we expect from the construct Disney, Far beyond such figures.

the movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife One of the few films to sell well in recent weeks, it continued its positive run this week, grossing $ 7.1 million, making it the third best-selling film of the week.

Superhero movie Eternals It also grossed $ 3.1 million this week, making it the fifth best-selling film of 2021 with total sales of $ 161 million.

Finally, while a film has failed to deliver a stunning opening over the past three weeks, we look forward to next week’s highly anticipated film. Spider Man: There is no way home (Spider-Man: No Way Home), To be able to record extraordinary openings to get the box office out of this boring situation.

Rank the movie Weekend sales (in US) Overall sales (in US)
1 West Side Story $ 10.5 million $ 10.5 million
2 Encanto $ 9.4 million $ 71 million
3 Ghostbusters: Afterlife $ 7.1 million $ 112 million
4 House of Gucci $ 4 million $ 41 million
5 Eternals $ 3.1 million $ 161 million
6 Welcome to Raccoon City $ 1.6 million $ 15 million
7 Clifford the Big Red Dog $ 1.3 million $ 47 million
8 Christmas With the Chosen $ 1.2 million $ 13 million
9 Dune 857 thousand dollars $ 106 million
10 Venom: Let There Be Carnage 850 thousand dollars $ 212 million

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