Critics’ scores for West Side Story


Critics praised Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story.

The critics generally had very positive reviews of the West Side Story film. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film is a remake of the 1961 musical of the same name. The screenplay was written by Tony Kushner.

In the West Side story, Ansel Elgort plays Tony. He is one of the founders of a gang called the Jets. Opposite is his mistress Maria, played by Rachel Zegler. Maria is the sister of the leader of another gang called the Sharks.

Against her will, Maria is engaged to a person named Chino. The role of Chino in this film is portrayed by Josh Andrés Rivera. Other cast members include Ariana DeBose, Brian d’Arcy James and Corey Stoll. Rita Moreno, who played Maria in the original West Side story and won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, will star in the film.

Almost all critics have commented positively on the West Side story film. Although the film is a remake of a well-known classic, it has managed to garner critical acclaim and good ratings.

Of the 75 reviews for the West Side story on Raton Tomitoz, the film received 95 percent. Critics have given the film an 85% rating on the Metacritic website. This rating is based on 36 reviews published for it on this website. Following is the opinion of some of the world’s top critics about the West Side story film.

West Side Story

«100/100 The Telegraph | Critic: Robbie Colin »

There is certainly no need to introduce the merits of Steven Spielberg and author Kouchner here. Aspects and themes of the West Side story film are as appropriate and appropriate in this film as they were in their original musical. The story of this film has not become obsolete over time and Steven Spielberg has succeeded well in showing it.

«100/100 The Guardian | Critic: Peter Bardshaw »

The West Side movie has a lot of theatrical aspects, and Steven Spielberg did not try to hide these aspects from the original musical. His technical mastery in this film is really exciting.

«100/100 Empire | Critic: Helen O’Hara

The West Side story film is a sad and disturbing work. Steven Spielberg seems to have succeeded in making a faithful adaptation of the story’s roots. However, this director was able to show the story to the audience of the modern world.

«91/100 The GuEntertainment Weekly | Critic: Leah Griblat »

The creators of the West Side story acted very cleverly and remained faithful to Arthur Laurents, the music of Leonard Bernstein, and the poems of Stephen Sondheim. They also updated some aspects of the film to appeal to a new generation of audiences. They were able to create a fascinating and spectacular film.

«90/100 The Hollywood Reporter | Critic: David Rooney »

Many people were very worried about Steven Spielberg’s great confidence in making this reconstruction. However, Spielberg managed to create a very satisfying and spectacular work. This work has its own glamor.

«83/100 IndieWire | Critic: David Ehrlich »

The West Side Story is an amazing and masterful musical by Steven Spielberg. This film keeps you engaged and accompanies you until the end of the story.

«80/100 Variety | Critic: Owen Gilberman »

Steven Spielberg has successfully directed his first musical film. The screenwriter of the film has also succeeded in updating the story of this classic work and in a way, distinguishing it from the previous works.

«60/100 Screen Rant | Critic: Mai Abdul Baki »

There are so many things in a West Side movie that you can love. These include spectacular details, film feel, musical role-playing, and updated aspects of the film. However, there are some changes in this film compared to the previous works, which did not work well despite the great efforts of the filmmakers. However, the actors in the film managed to make a great showing.

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