No Way Home broke the record for the best-seller in the world


Spider-Man: No Way Home Ticket Sale has started in various countries and the film has been well received. Has set a new record.

Welcome to Spider-Man: No Way Home There were so many that some ticket pre-sale sites became unavailable and fans went to their local cinemas and waited in line to get tickets.

One of the countries that experienced the highest number of ticket pre-purchases was Mexico. In the first 24 hours of the pre-sale, Spider-Man: No Way Home sold $ 7 million, up 40 percent from the previous record for Avengers: EndGame. Spider-Man: No Way Home, also set new records in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain and Central America.

In the UK, 12 days after the start of ticket sales, Spider-Man: No Time To Die has sold three times as much as No Time To Die.

Spider-Man prequel: No way home, in Brazil it is 5% ahead of the movie ending. In Poland, the record for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was broken by No Way Home. In Portugal, in just three days, the all-time best-selling record for No Time to Die was broken, and in Australia and Turkey, the best-selling Spider-Man: No Way Home, Avengers: The Game Ended.

Although ticket pre-sales have not started in all countries, but according to the published information, it seems that the expectations from the movie Spider-Man: There is no way home are very high. When the first trailer of this film was released in August of this year, it was able to be viewed more than 355 million times on YouTube in the first 24 hours of release, and became the most watched trailer in the history of cinema in the first 24 hours.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Mexico and South Korea before its official release date and on December 24, 2021. In the first week of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the film will be screened in almost 90% of the world except China.

One of the reasons Spider-Man is expected to be a movie: There is no way home, is to show the concept of multipliers in this work. There is no doubt that this film will be a great success in terms of sales. The previous version of the trilogy, Spider-Man: Far From Home, became Sony’s best-selling product with global sales of $ 1.132 billion.

Of Spider-Man’s $ 1.132 billion in sales: Away from home, $ 200 million went to China. At the time of writing, there is no timeline for the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home in China by the Chinese government. The only Hollywood work that has received the approval of the Chinese government for release is The Matrix Resurrections. Marvel’s relationship with the Chinese government has cooled since the release of Eternals, and no one is safe in the country.

Recently, the duration of Spider-Man: No Way Home was announced, and posters of the film’s negative characters have also been released. Spider-Man: There is no way home, is scheduled to be released in cinemas on December 17, 2021.

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