Pictures from the movie Extraction 2 have been released


The first official images of Extraction 2 starring Chris Hamsworth have been released.

Extraction 2 is being filmed in Prague. Recently, the first official image of the film was released, which depicts Chris Hemsworth with a bloody face in a snowy place.

The first extraction video was released in April 2020 on the Netflix online service. Released during the height of the Corona virus, the film was able to attract a large audience. The film stars Chris Hamsworth as Tyler Rick.

He is a mercenary hired to rescue the son of a drug mafia boss. Although the fate of this character was not known at the end of the first film, but this newly released official image of this film shows that this character did not die at the end of the first film.

Joe Russo has written the script for Extraction 2. The film is also directed by Sam Hargrave. The two wrote and directed the first extraction film. The release date for Extraction 2 has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be released on Netflix in late 2022 or early 2023.

Recently, the Netflix service released a video of the movie Extraction 2, which shows Chris Hamsworth as Tyler Rick. In this picture, Tyler Rick’s face is bloody and he is getting off the train in snowy weather. The first film was Extraction in Indian Tropical Climate. Hence, the highlight of this new film is its snowy weather.

Currently, no details of the story of Extraction 2 have been released. In addition, it is not yet clear whether Tyler Rick will reunite his group. In addition to this image, another image of the film has been released, which depicts Chris Hamsworth alongside the film’s director. You can see these two images below.

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