Spider-Man marked the third highest opening in history!


The latest episode of the Spider-Man movie series; Lovely movie superhero, named Spider Man: There is no way home (Spider-Man: No Way Home), Was finally released and experienced a unique weekend by breaking several historical records.

The film grossed a whopping $ 50 million on its release day (Thursday night). In the history of cinema, only two Avengers films: The End of the Game (Avengers: Endgame) And Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with $ 60 million and $ 57 million in sales, respectively, had a better preview day.

Sell ​​preview day of this movie, the best Sony history record Is also. The previous record was held by Spider-Man: Homecoming, which grossed $ 15.4 million in 2017 on its pre-release day!

Also this amount of sales, by contrast, to The best record of the day preview of the era Became a corona. The previous record was held by Black Widow, which grossed only $ 13 million that day!

Note that these three big records were only for pre-sale sales of this movie!

But the official release of the film is not a way home, it started on Friday and ended with a staggering $ 71.5 million, so that the total sales of the opening day of the film reached a staggering $ 121.5 million.


This is a huge record, not only in the Corona era The best record in history Cinema is also considered in December. But that did not end with December alone, and overall, only one film had a better opening day (Friday).

In the history of the US box office, only the movie at the end of the game had a better record than this movie. The final installment of Avengers grossed $ 157 million on its first day of release.

But Spider-Man also continued to sell well on Saturday, selling for $ 73 million. The third highest record in history is considered. The $ 109 million ending game and the $ 82.1 million Avengers: Infinity War are the only movies in history that experienced a better Saturday than No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home also sold very well on Sunday, selling $ 57 million. This amount of sales, The fifth highest record in history is considered. Only the final two episodes of Avengers rise to prominence, and Black Panther sold more on its first Sunday.

Thus and in general, the film is not a way home with its first stunning weekend $ 253 million pass. A figure that The third highest record in history It is considered cinema.

It should be noted, however, that the end-of-game and War of Eternity films were not released during the Corona, and Spider-Man had much more difficult conditions for sale. However, the movie Eternal War sold only $ 3 million more than Spider-Man in its first weekend!

The interesting thing is that Spider-Man: No Way Home, in its very first weekend, to The best-selling film of 2021 Turned on at the US box office! Of course, this amount of sales is also a record in 2020, and this film, The best-selling American box office film of the last 2 years Is.

Selling $ 253 million is not the way home The best record in the history of Sony Also, became. The previous record holder was Spider-Man 3, which grossed $ 151 million in its first weekend in 2007. In other words, the new Spider-Man movie is about 70 percent It sold more than Sony’s previous record!

But these records were not limited to the US box office, and the film also set several historical records at the international box office. For example, the film grossed $ 181.4 million at the international box office on Friday, a record high.

When we put this sales next to the $ 121.5 million sale of this movie at the US box office on Friday, we reach $ 302.9 million, which The second highest record in history It is considered on Friday. Again, the only movie at the end of the game set a better record than this movie on Friday.

In addition to grossing $ 253 million at the US box office, the film also grossed more at the international box office $ 325 million Experienced sales in its first weekend to spend its first global weekend with sales of $ 587 million.
This amount of sales, The third highest record in history It is considered that only the last two episodes of the Avengers series had sold more than this film in their first world weekend.

Previously, only six films in the opening date had experienced more than $ 500 million. Of course, we should also mention that there is no way home, while it has experienced such sales that it has not been screened in China. In fact, it is the only film in history to make more than $ 500 million in its first weekend without release in China.

But among the other new works of the week, the film Nightmare Alley He was one of the victims of the Dead-Spider movie and experienced very poor sales of $ 2.9 million. This was much lower than the $ 10 million expected.

Rank the movie Weekend sales (in US) Overall sales (in US)
1 Spider-Man: No Way Home $ 253 million $ 253 million
2 Encanto $ 6.5 million $ 81 million
3 West Side Story $ 3.41 million $ 17 million
4 Ghostbusters: Afterlife $ 3.4 million $ 117 million
5 Nightmare Alley $ 2.9 million $ 2.9 million
6 House of Gucci $ 1.8 million $ 44 million
7 Pushpa: The Rise $ 1.3 million $ 1.3 million
8 Eternals $ 1.1 million $ 163 million
9 Clifford the Big Red Dog $ 400,000 $ 48 million
10 Resident Evil: Raccoon City 280 thousand dollars $ 16 million

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