The Batman character is inspired by Kurt Cobain


Matt Reeves, director and writer of The Batman, has announced that Bruce Wayne in the film, from Kurt Cobain Inspired.

Recently, a new issue of Empire magazine was published, which is entirely dedicated to the Batman movie, and in addition to the interviews with the creators of this highly anticipated movie, Images The characters of this film are also shown.

Ever since the first Batman movie trailer aired and Nirvana heard Something In The Way music, many fans have noticed the difference in the movie’s music. The soundtracks to such films are usually chosen according to the mood of the director, but Matthew Reeves seems to have another reason in mind.

Matt Reeves recently said in an interview with Empire magazine:

When I started writing, I listened to music, and when I was writing the first part of Batman, I listened to Nirvana’s Something In The Way.

At the same time, it occurred to me to portray Batman, who had been isolated by a tragic event, instead of the playful Bruce Wayne we had seen before. I finally decided to take inspiration from Gus Van Sant, The Last Days, and The Crashing Curtain.

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