The trailer for Big Gold Brick starring Megan Fox has been released


A trailer for the movie Big Gold Brick starring Megan Fox and Oscar Isaac has been released.

The film Big Gold Brick is directed by Brian Petsos. He also co-wrote the film. Recently, a trailer for this movie has been released.

The trailer released for the movie The Big Golden Brick shows a glimpse of the various characters in the movie. This film is starring prominent actors. These actors include Oscar Isaac, Megan Fox, Emory Cohen, Andy Garcia, Lucy Hale and Leonidas Castrounis.

The summary of the official story released for the movie The Big Golden Brick is as follows:

The film tells the story of a young writer named Samuel Liston and his adventures with Floyd Drooks. Floyd is the father of two children, and Samuel is looking to write a biography of him. The circumstances that led to this agreement between the two to write this biography are truly astonishing. In addition, the author’s attempts to write this biography have funny and bitter consequences.

The trailer released for the movie The Big Golden Brick can be found here link See. In addition to the trailer, a poster has been released for the film. This poster shows the characters and actors who are present in this film. In this poster, the faces of Megan Fox and Andy Garcia are seen in large numbers. At the bottom of the poster are Oscar Isaacs and Lucy Hill.

The film The Big Golden Brick is a comedic and bitter work. Oscar Isaac and Kristen Wiig are the executive producers of The Golden Brick. The film is scheduled to be released in cinemas on February 25, 2022. You can see this movie poster below.

Big Gold Brick movie

Source: Collider

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