Who is Spider-Man 2099?


In the trailer released for the animation Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, Spider-Man 2099 is present. Who is this new Spider-Man?

Sony recently released a trailer for the Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse animation, in which a new Spider-Man known as Spider-Man 2099 was spotted. This trailer from Here You can see.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse animation was released in 2018 and tells the story of Miles Morales’s origin. The animation also introduced the audience to the theme of Multiverse and different versions of Spider-Man. This animation achieved a lot of fame and making a sequel for it was not at all surprising.

Miguel O’Hara, or Spider-Man 2099, appeared in the scene after the title track of “Spider-Man: Into Spider-Man”, and now he is set to play a larger role in the leading animation. In this article, we are going to address the issue of who this new Spider-Man is.

In the original animation, Miles Morales, voiced by Shameik Moore, manages to bring his new allies, all Spider-Man, back to their worlds. Now in this new animation, Gwen Stacy is back with the voice of Hailee Steinfeld and apparently, they are going to start another exciting adventure.

In the animated trailer for “Spider-Man: Around Spider-Man”, Gwen Stacy visits Miles Morales in her room through a portal. It seems that Gwen, in addition to seeing Miles, needs his help to solve another multiverse problem.

Miles finally agrees to help Gwen. This trailer shows Miles leaving his world for the first time and traveling in Multiverse to another world. Miles is then attacked by another Spider-Man named Spider-Man 2099. They are seen fighting in a different world. However, Spider-Man 2099 goals are still unknown. In this article, we are going to introduce Spider-Man 2099 and talk about his powers and abilities.

Spider-Man Powers and Abilities 2099

Spider-Man 2099

In Marvel Comics, the character of Miguel O’Hara, nicknamed Spider-Man 2099, was created in 1992 by Peter David and Rick Leonardi. He is known as the Spider-Man of the future and lives in a world that will take place in 2099.

He protects New York City. Alkmex is gaining more and more power and influence over this city, and therefore, Spider-Man 2099 is looking to fight this corrupt company. However, Alkmex was a place where his genes were forcibly combined with spider’s genes, and he gained his powers.

Spider-Man 2099, like other versions of Spider-Man, is able to cling to walls and climb over them. There are claws on his claws and feet. He is also able to make large forks on the forearms of his hands. In addition, Spider-Man 2099’s strands are organic and protrude from his wrists. He also has canines that allow him to paralyze his enemies with a non-lethal poison.

In recent years, Miguel O’Hara, or Spider-Man 2099, has played a major role in Marvel Spider-Man comic events and has also become a hero for the modern era of Marvel’s world. Therefore, it is felt that he has a very important role in the animation “Spider-Man: Across Spider-Man”. He is probably one of the Spider-Man versions that helps Miles Morales travel through the multiverse.

Spider-Man role voice actor

Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 had a brief appearance in the animation “Spider-Man: Into Spider-Man” in 2018. This brief presence did not say much about him. It just turned out that he had achieved an ability and could easily travel between other worlds. This new power was created thanks to the efforts and help of her personal assistant, Laila, voiced by Greta Lee. This short appearance was voiced by Oscar Isaac.

It has been confirmed that in this new animation, Oscar Isaac will once again play the voice of Spider-Man / Miguel O’Hara. This new animation will probably focus more on the story of the origin of this Spider-Man. Oscar Isaacs’ voice acting will be interesting in this role.

In the final scene of the 2018 animation, Spider-Man 2099 traveled to Earth and appeared in the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon. This scene recreated one of the most famous and interesting memes of the Internet from Spider-Man.

Why is Spider-Man 2099 fighting Miles Morales?

Spider-Man 2099

One of the most interesting moments seen in the trailer for the animated series “Spider-Man: Around Spider-Man” is the scene where Miles Morales finally leaves his world and enters another world, meanwhile, Spider-Man 2099 gives him Will be attacked. Why should Spider-Man fight Miles Morales?

It is possible that they have met before and that a tension has developed between them. Spider-Man 2099 has information about the future, and it is possible that he knows that some of Miles Morales’s work may inadvertently lead to catastrophic events. So he tries to stop Miles Morales. It is possible that Aclemax is also involved.

In the world of Spider-Man 2099, Aclemax is not only more corrupt, but also responsible for the powers that be’s by Miguel O’Hara. However, the spider that bit Miles Morales and gave him spider powers was from the same company Aclemax.

In addition, in the first animation, Dr. Olivia Octopus was the main scientist of Aclemax and helped Kingpin to bring his family from another world to this world. Therefore, Miguel and Miles have a lot in common. However, it remains to be seen what motivated them to come up against each other in this new animation.

In any case, we have to wait and see what the story of Spider-Man 2099 / Miguel O’Hara will be like in the animation “Spider-Man: Across Spider-Man”. In addition, new reports indicate that the animation has two parts, the first part will be released in 2022 and the second part in 2023.

The presence of Oscar Isaac for the voice acting of Spider-Man 2099 in these animations is really interesting and exciting. It is possible that other versions of Spider-Man that appeared in the first animation, such as Spider-Ham, Peter B. Parker, etc., will be present in this animation.

In any case, Spider-Man 2099 is one of the most popular and beloved versions of Spider-Man in Marvel comic books, and we hope that he will play an important role in the leading animations and that an interesting story will finally be presented to him. The first part of the animation “Spider-Man: Across Spider-Man” will be released on October 7, 2022


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