Why do we need an AAA game adapted from the anime?


In the last few years, anime has been able to attract a large audience around the world, and this number is increasing day by day. The popularity of anime has led big companies like Netflix to make anime. This popularity has increased to the point that today we see various live action from anime. In this article, we want to talk about the need to make an AAA game adapted from a manga or anime.

Combining two popular industries

Over the past few years, the revenue of the gaming industry has grown significantly, and this has led managers of various companies to use this popularity in various fields. From sports ads to movies, traces of games and gaming platforms can be seen everywhere. In recent years, cooperation between the gaming and film industries has increased. The use of famous actors such as Keanu Reeves and Norman Redas in video games may be becoming more and more common, but it is important to note the growing number of movies and series made from video games, which are becoming more and more popular. This issue has attracted the attention of game fans to the cinema and vice versa. Although many games have been made from different anime, for reasons such as budget and even the production studio, none of them have been successful. Now, in the continuation of the article, we want to deal with the reasons that make it necessary to make an AAA game adapted from anime.

A world full of creativity

Story-based games have a lot of fans; They may not number as many as online game players, but that does not mean they are few. Placing the audience of story-driven games is the main point about making a game from an anime. There are many anime whose storytelling has attracted the attention of the general public. Strange and creative worlds of anime can be used well to make games. The use of the story of famous anime such as Attack‌ on Titan is the main feature of an anime and the characters of some animes are so popular that they fascinate the audience with the story. Anime like Death Note was able to become very popular with its attractive characters, and the presence of this type of character makes the game very attractive. The number of popular characters in the world of anime is not small, and this issue makes the game makers completely free to choose the character they want. There is a lot of variety in anime. From horror anime to fantasy anime, there is an anime with a fascinating story in almost every genre, and due to this issue, game makers are free to choose the anime they want.

A different adaptation

Some anime is narrated in a completely imaginary world, a world created by the writer’s mind and bears no resemblance to our world. Howell Moving Castle with its creation of a world full of creativity and wonders is a clear example of this. A new storytelling with the same characters and in the same world created by the anime writer can help create a compelling effect, but the game makers can go a step further.
Lies Of P is also one of the works that has been able to achieve great popularity by breaking the tradition. The use of Pinocchio’s character story by changing it one hundred and eighty degrees has made this title very popular. Using such creations, the gamemaker has the ability to create new stories in the world of anime. There is no need for the game’s graphics to be anime, but we can see a rough and realistic One Piece. Fascinating story content will definitely be one of the main reasons for the success of making an anime-adapted game, various games made by famous anime such as One Piece and Tokyo Ghoul that lack this point. Usually all popular anime has a great story and content, but the games made have shown poor performance in showing this content. It would be interesting to have an expert writing team that can tell the story of the anime with its own narrative. This narrative should be portrayed in a way that is able to attract anyone who does not watch anime.

Anime, game, fight

The most important element of any game is its gameplay. A game can be without story and even without sound, but only with an attractive gameplay to fascinate the audience. The main problem with games made from anime over the last few years is their gameplay. Destiny fighting genres are mostly anime-based games. Making Jump Force and Dragon Ball titles in the fighting genre may seem like the right decision, but making One-Punch Man in this genre is unjustifiable. The existence of these titles has prevented the minds of game makers from being inspired by great games to make a game adapted from anime. The titles Persona and Catherine belong to the same family because of the graphic anime they have. The genre of these two titles is very special and there are few people who are fans of JRPG style. According to the above points, these superstitions have arisen that the game genre will be made of combat anime or RJRPG. There is a great variety in the story and style of famous anime, this variety can give the player a lot of freedom to choose the style of gameplay. From the title of Linear Adventure to the title of Open World and even a title in the Solzelik style, all of these genres can be used to create this title. If a title like Tokyo Ghoul is made in the adventure genre, it does so badly in the story and gameplay that it is not visible at all. Many anime has tips that help make the gameplay appealing. Like fighting tools in anime Attack on Titan Or the power of different characters of One Piece anime, who with a sufficient budget of game developers can design a very attractive gameplay.

What do you think of GGROLER users? Do big companies make games out of anime? What anime do you think the game should be made of?

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