Will Fortnite host Spider-Man?


Given the good relationship between Marvel and Epic Games, as well as the rumors circulating in cyberspace, one can expect the Spider-Man character to be added to Fortnite.

From the rumors and tweets of a Twitter user with the username HYPEX, who is involved in spreading rumors about Fortnite, it can be concluded that we will soon see the popular Marvel superhero, Spider-Man, in this game. Of course, nothing has been officially announced yet, but these rumors are so strong that we can trust them.

In one of HYPEX’s tweets, this user mentions that Epic Games is working on an item called WestSausage or Web Slinger, the information of which is related to the addition of swing capability in the game. As we all know, swinging is one of the main features of Spider-Man character. Adding this to Fortnite and using Web Slinger (one of the Spider-Man titles) to name this item can prove to some extent that we are going to see the Spider-Man character in Fortnite.

This story is not limited to one tweet, and after a day, the HYPEX user once again posted new information about the WestSausage item on his page in another tweet. In this new tweet of this user, it is mentioned that in this new feature of Fortnite game, you can cling to cars remotely and slip by moving cars behind them. All this can only end with the addition of Spider-Man to the game, and it remains to be seen when this will happen.

When will the Spider-Man skin be released?

We do not want to go into details, but given the simultaneous release of the skins of Paul Atreides and Chani with the release of Dune and the history of Epic Games in the release of skins of Marvel and Hollywood characters, we can expect the release of the new movie of this superhero, Spider-Man. : No Way Home, skin of this character for Fortnite game will also be released.

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