Worst Movies of 2021


In this article, we are going to introduce the worst movies of 2021 based on their scores on the Metacritic website.

In the world of cinema, big blockbuster movies are coming out in cinemas in the summer. Although these films can be good works, there are some very bad ones among them. This year, a number of works performed very poorly to critics and received very low scores.

In this article, we are going to introduce the worst movies of 2021. This list is based on the scores of these works on the Metacritic website. Stay with us.

20. Naked Singularity

Naked Unique, on the Metacritic website, scored 36 percent. This rating is based on 11 reviews published for it. In this film, John Boyega plays the role of an arresting lawyer who no longer trusts the New York City justice system and is eventually dragged into a drug theft. The critics did not enjoy the film very much. However, the presence of John Boyega in the film makes it even more entertaining.

19. The Affair Movie

On the Metacritic website, 8 reviews were published for the film, which gave it a score of 35 percent. The film takes place in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. The film follows the relationship between two women. The film is also about an amazing house built by an extraordinary architect. Strange words, however, were not the words critics used to describe the film.

18. Home Sweet Home Alone movie

Home Sweet Home Alone

Home Alone is the sixth film in the series to be released on the Disney Plus online service. Unlike other works in the series, this film follows the story of a young boy named Max Mercer. His parents have left the house and the thieves intend to steal from the house and now he has to protect the house. The only difference between this film and previous films is that his parents traveled to Japan! Out of 15 reviews published for this film, a score of 35% has been registered for it.

17. Awake movie

For this film, a score of 35% based on 13 reviews has been recorded. This movie, which is a product of Netflix service, has a very interesting subject. All over the world, everyone except a child loses the ability to sleep. His mother is seeking treatment. Despite its interesting story, the film failed to portray it well.

16. Thunder Force movie

Out of 34 reviews published for Thunder Force on Metacritic, 34 out of 100 have been recorded for this film. This movie is a product of Netflix service. In this film, Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy play the roles of two superheroes. This film is interesting with the presence of actors, but its numerous stories have made it to the list of the worst films of 2021.

15. The movie Princess Yakuza (Yakuza Princess)

Out of 11 reviews published for this film, a score of 34% has been recorded. The events of this film take place in the Japanese community in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil. In this film, an orphan discovers that he is the heir of a Yakuza criminal family. He must fight against those who seek to kill him. However, according to critics, the film disappoints viewers from the beginning.

14. The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

The film is a sequel to The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017). The two films are starring Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek. Of the 36 reviews published for this film on the Metacritic website, a score of 32% has been recorded for this film. Some critics have said that the best thing about this film is that it is shorter than the first film.

13. A Week Away movie

For this film, 7 reviews have been published with a score of 32%. The events of this musical film take place in a Christian summer camp. A teenager finds out that he has fallen in love with the daughter of the person in charge of running this summer camp. This movie is not the teen and musical work you are looking for.

12. The Starling

The film stars Melissa McCarthy. This film is about a woman who is mourning but has to deal with a bird that has nested next to her house. Critics say the bird, created with computer effects, was really bad. There have been 23 reviews for this film, which have given a 31% rating to this film.

11. The Reckoning

7 reviews have been published for the audit film, which have been given a score of 31%. The film was directed by Neil Marshall. The film was released in early 2021 and is about a woman who was unjustly accused of being a witch during the plague. Critics have called the film boring.

10. Diana: The Musical

Out of 8 reviews published for this film, a score of 29% has been recorded. This film is a musical about the Prince of Wales. The film was shot during the Corona and aired on Netflix’s online service. Although Netflix’s musical Hamilton was a resounding success, that cannot be said of the film.

9. Infinite movie

Infinite movie

27 reviews have been released for Infinite, which has a 28% rating for this film. This movie is the product of Paramount Plus online service, starring Mark Wahlberg. He sees memories that never happened to him. He realizes that these memories are real and from his previous lives. Many critics have not found anything entertaining about this film.

8. Blithe Spirit movie

This film is a comedy and fantasy work starring Dan Sevens. The film is about a novelist who lives in London with his wife. To get inspiration for his writings, he invites a mystic to his house to summon the soul of his dead wife. Now, he also has his wife Allansh and his late wife. For this film, 19 reviews have been published with a score of 26%.

7. The Misfits

Nine reviews have been released for the film Awkward, which give the film a 25 percent rating. The film The Mischief is starring Pierce Brosnan as a thief involved in a gold theft. Although robbery movies are often accompanied by action scenes, there is no such thing in awkward movies. This film is a mediocre work.

6. Breaking News in Yuba County

7 reviews for this film have been published on the Metacritic website, which have given it a score of 24. The cast stars Awkwafina and Allison Janney. The film is about a man who, after his disappearance, his wife seeks to find him, and this makes him a famous person. Although the film is starring actors, its comedy is quite superficial.

5. American Skin Movie

Out of 10 reviews published for this film, 24 points have been recorded. The film tells the story of a naval soldier who now works as a janitor and whose son is killed by police. There is no trial for his son’s murder and he has to solve the problem himself. Although the film addresses important issues in the United States, critics say the film is sometimes too preaching.

4. Midnight in the Switchgrass

Midnight in the Switchgrass

The film stars Bruce Willis and Megan Fox. The two play the role of two AFB agents who are investigating several murders of female victims. Many critics do not find the story interesting at all. For this film, 9 reviews have been published with a score of 24%.

3. The Virtuoso movie

In this film, Anthony Hopkins plays the role of Anson Mount and Abbie Cornish. The film is about a murderer who finds a clue to his mysterious purpose. The only interesting thing about this movie is the presence of Anthony Hopkins in this movie. Out of 7 reviews published for this film, a score of 24% has been registered for it.

2. Music movie

For this film, 18 reviews have been published with a score of 23%. The CIA singer directed the film. This movie is starring Kate Hudson. The film is about a drug dealer who is the guardian of his half-sister named Music. Many critics have argued that the overall message of the film is that music can save everyone.

1. Victory Movie (Vanquish)

According to critics, the worst movie of 2021 is Domination. For this film on the Metacritic website, a score of 22% has been registered, which is based on 14 reviews published for it. The film stars Ruby Rose as a mother who previously worked as a drug dealer. However, a retired police officer, played by Morgan Freeman, takes his daughter hostage and forces her to do dangerous things.

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